"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it" - Stephane Nappo


Red Team CyberSecurity Engagements

This exercise mimics the approach that attackers would take when targeting an organization, but in a more controlled manner. We work with you to draw up a series of threat scenarios that concern you and then set about proving the likelihood of them being exploited. This service goes beyond standard penetration testing by providing a realistic simulation of advanced threat actors and exercising your defensive capabilities at all levels. Red team activities use real-world adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) to provide a realistic assessment of the true risk posed by an attack by capable advanced threat actors. This is the closest thing to being attacked by a real-world adversary.

Application Security Assessment Services

Web and mobile applications are now critical to any business, but they're also a prime target for malicious attackers. From identifying source code security flaws to assessing for authentication and authorization issues, our experts can gauge precisely how an application impacts your attack surface and overall security posture. In the modern high tech business, world Penetration Testing should play a mission-critical role in any technology development and or deployment process. 

Physical Intrusion Assessments

Physical intrusion assessments provide a robust approach to evaluating a site's susceptibility to physical attack. Our assessment team will catalog all external entry and exit points to identify areas of weakness, then use those entry points to attempt intrusion. As every site is different, our operators come armed with an assortment of tools to bypass both technical and non-technical controls. To demonstrate impact, our assessment team can use onsite access gained from the physical assessment to facilitate a network breach and serve as an attack vector for penetration testing and red team operations.

Vulnerability Research

Our team consists of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of software technology across all prevalent OS platforms, reverse engineering, and cryptography. Whether it is as a point in time assessment, or as part of an ongoing security program, our security researchers are able to help in assessing your compiled application (across multiple mobile or desktop OS platforms), source code, or your corporate OS builds for exploitable issues memory corruption of logical issues. 

Malware Analysis

Cyber criminals use many different techniques to wide-spread or target deliver their malicious code.  To keep their tools undetected (FUD) these techniques are ending up being more and more advanced with each passing month. Malware analysis service is getting to be a cyber-security necessity, which plays a critical role in constant refactoring and adaptation of cyber defenses to be able to cope with the most current malware threats. 

Spot Checks

Cyber-criminals will scour your organization for vulnerabilities that can compromise sensitive systems and data. To stay secure, you need to find and resolve these issues in a timely manner. To help your business identify weaknesses, our Spot Check Penetration Test attempts to find and exploit vulnerable systems.

Personalized Phishing (client-side attack) Simulations

People are the weakest link in most organizations' defenses and attackers know this. As these attacks become more frequent, targeted, and sophisticated, it's crucial to understand and reduce the risks. Phishing as a Service can accurately gauge your level of risk by simulating a real attack and monitor your employee responses.

Advanced Foot-printing

Before attacking, hackers survey their targets for information. There's a wealth of detail about businesses online including employee names, social & media personas, leaked personal details, and credentials. Our Footprinting service will discover the hard-to-find details that opportunistic hackers typically target.

Incident Response and Digital Forensics Services 

Our Incident Response service ensures around-the-clock, expert support to help our customers assess the situation, rapidly restore business-as-usual and prevent any similar problem from reoccurring.

The first 24 hours after a security breach are critical. Our Forensic Service provides immediate access to expert cyber analysts who will uncover invaluable intelligence on an attack's origin, purpose, and impact - enabling organizations to make more informed choices in the high-pressure environment following a breach.